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Sea Eagles … or Further Education

In the run up to Christmas, I decided to start a blog which would range over what is important to me about the further education system in England.

Why? is the most useless question that can be asked in just about any situation, so there is no need to even attempt to tackle the question. The nearest I will get to an answer is that “I will find out as I go along.”. I certainly have the feeling that I have wasted time in not starting one earlier, which is as good a reason as any.

Where to begin isn’t quite so problematical, since further education is a wide open system for comment –  but today has been a Bank Holiday, a bright sunny day with a light crisp covering of snow, and we went for a stroll along the sea front at Southwold.

On the road to Southwold, on the A12 at Henham, where the Latitude Festival is held in July, large signs have just appeared urging travellers to “Say NO to Sea Eagles Here”

Another thing to say NO to, adding to a long list of local nay-sayings: “No” to the Wind Turbines just up the road on Bernard Matthews’ site at Halesworth [and at Beccles]; “No” to the Tesco at Halesworth; “No” to the gravel pit at Haddiscoe …

Maybe these Sea Eagles would be a nightmare – snacking on avocets; disturbing the furtive amorous fumblings of bitterns, and playing havoc with questing voles as they pass feather-footed through the plashy fen – or maybe they would be a boon to the tourist industry as they will no doubt take to perching in the garden of the Bell at Walberswick, to take advantage of carelessly discarded scampi tails.

I really have got no strong views either way on the Sea Eagle [here or elsewhere] but I am delighted to have such a cheery, life-enhancing dilemma bubbling away around me at the start of a New Year.

In the real world I predict, and fear, that the dread verdict “Say No to FE here” will emerge from meeting after meeting in 2010 as we struggle to adapt to a lean funding regime.
Remember when there was a capital programme for college buildings?


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