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I’m now sorted for 2010

Still idling around in my holiday bubble, I thought I had better get ready for the coming year with some improving resolutions.

If I could start with a suitable ready-made list, I could then knock some items off straight away – so here goes with ten Healthy Attitudes to Living [courtesy Willson & Branch Cognitive Behavioural Therapy]

1 Accept that you can – and will – make mistakes Yup – already part of the way I work, so I can claim a first resolution achieved
2 Try something new I call in evidence this blog m’lud, started yesterday  so second resolution already achieved
3 Stamp on shame This blog could expose me to very shaming scrutiny and comment by 10 billion people but I am going ahead, stamping on shame. #3 down
4 Laugh at yourself I just don’t take myself too seriously,  #4 down
5 Don’t take offence Not something I am at all prone to do, and though I probably need to stoke my fires of indignation more often, I am not about to adopt a resolution of getting offended once a week, #5 achieved.
6 Make good use of criticism This is the one! – a useful and deep-reaching basis for a resolution.
7 Settle into [business] social situations There is something here, about relaxing, dropping the safety props, going with the flow, and using my intuition rather than routines. But it doesn’t feel like a real resolution for me this year.
8 Encourage your creativity I don’t worry if my whizzbang ideas are shot down in flames – plenty more daft ideas on the way! – so another resolution achieved
9 Act adventurously Going freelance achieved this for me – no need whatsoever for a resolution here
10 Enjoy yourself, its late than you think I hadn’t been good at giving time to doing fun things in the past – but I am much better at this now – not one I need on my list.

Score on the 2010 resolution door?

9 out of 10 resolutions achieved, leaving a single important resolution to work on. Good work already!

All I have to do now to “Make good use of criticism in 2010” is

Get the wording right.
Think in small steps, and four week chunks
Work on visualising it happening [staying this side of Barbara Ehrenreich’s “Bright-Sided Positive Thinking” of course]

Right, once that is done,  that’s me and 2010 sorted, and time to get started on the world in general.


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