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TES saves schools £1bn a year – what is it doing for FE?

Politicians have talked a lot about protecting “frontline services”, and in December, the government published “a radical programme to put the frontline first”

Putting the Frontline First: smarter government December 2009

Frontline First : http://www.hmg.gov.uk/frontlinefirst.aspx and in sidebar file Box

This plan delivers better public services for lower cost.
It outlines how the Government will improve public service outcomes while achieving the fiscal consolidation that is vital to helping the economy grow. The plan  …. save money through sharper delivery.

A paragraph on page 21 caught my eye

Opening up public data and information paves the way for innovations like the Times Educational Supplement (TES) shared lesson planner forum, which saves time and resources, potentially releasing up to £1 billion of teaching time by 2011

TES Lesson planner  http://www.tes.co.uk/resourcehub.aspx?navcode=70

This is quite a saving, and worth practicing my Level 1 key Skills Numeracy on.

  1. Assume that the TES will save us £ by the end of 2011
  2. And that the £1bn is a total saving ie £500,000,000 in each of 2010 and 2011
  3. And that a teaching hour costs £100
  4. The number of teaching hours saved would be 500,000,000/100 = 5,000,000
  5. There were 441,200 full time equivalent teachers in all state funded schools in England & Wales in Jan 2008, so say 500,000 for the UK as a whole
  6. Therefore teaching hours saved per fte teacher = 10
  7. Therefore increase in number of hours taught by teachers would be 10
  8. I am not sure how school teacher contracts are structured, or how the “saved” hours translate into money. But maybe it works like this, that the TES Lesson Planning Forum provides ready-made lesson plans quickly and easily, so one of the Teacher Development Days is not needed, and the allocated hours used for cover teaching, so saving £1bn on supply teachers during the year?

Instead of struggling into school through the snow today, no doubt head teachers are using their time productively by reading the TES most attentively, and fleshing out the bones of para 21 of Putting the Frontline First.

Fine for the schools sector – but what has the TES ever done for us?


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