£7bn 363 colleges 4.2m learners 263,257 staff

Watch the list of small colleges

Looking at the most recent data on the number of people employed in further education colleges in England, I pulled out a list of those colleges with large numbers of staff, and those with small numbers.

The largest college is City of Manchester with 3,670 contracts, and the smallest is Derwentside with 215.

My definition of “large” is over 1500 contracts, and of “small” is under 500 – both fairly arbitrary, but they illustrate the two ends of the spectrum [and there are smaller sixth form colleges [Bede College 66, St Mary’s 79, Woodhouse 99] which I have not included in the listing.]

The top six largest and smallest are

Top Six largest and smallest numbers of staff in General Further Education colleges Click to enlarge

Two points

1. these are the number of contracts for all staff , but  teachers are about one half of this. LLUK counts 135,606 teacher contracts out of 263,257  =  51.5%.

2. The size of the larger colleges is increasing, and these figures don’t feel that they reflect the structures accurately. City of Manchester is now The Manchester College ; and the Newcastle College Group may well be larger than the figure returned here. However, the main point is that they are bigger by an order of magnitude than the smallest colleges ie they empoy 10 times more staff. And compared to some of the smaller Sixth Form Colleges!

3 I couldn’t resist seeing what the next smallest college is after the top 6, it is Yorkshire Coast College which is in the process of merging with Grimsby.

And the complete listing is

Colleges with over 1500, or under 500, staff Click to enlarge

These are the latest figures, for 2007-08, it will be interesting to watch the bottom end of the list as colleges face increasingly austere funding


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