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No thanks, Carol Volderman

I was desparate for a bricklayer in the summer term, when they are all on site, so I grabbed “Peter” when the agency sent him along. It wasn’t till Week 2 that it hit us.

All the problems that we had came down to the fact that he couldn’t read or write.

Goodbye Peter.

But Kinsey was right – we do need to attract the brightest 10% into teaching if we are to have good education; and

Michael Gove [Conservative – party political warning!] was also right – we shouldn’t pay to train people with third class degrees as teachers.

So how would that work for me in vocational education?

and for poor old Carol Volderman?

Sorry Carol but I am after someone who is better qualified. Can I keep you on our file? Click to enlarge.

Carol is a good case in point – she achieved a Third in each year of her Engineering course at Sidney Sussex College, Cambridge.

If we wouldn’t want Carol, what do we want  in further education colleges?

1 Sorry to be ageist – but we need younger teachers.
Our age distribution is skewed towards older teachers – and always has been, as people moved into further education with the know-how and skills of a good industrial or commercial experience behind them. No-one would want to change that aspect of college in any way.
Yet the buzz and the energy and empathy that you see in sport courses and the like is largely driven by the younger staff there.

2 Literacy and numeracy. Forget the literacy and numeracy qualifications needed for initial training.
My gut feel when I was doing a scoping exercise for LLUK before the tests were introduced, was that it would be much simpler, cheaper and clearer to everyone involved, if the requirement was quite simply GCSE Maths and English at grade C.

3 Qualifications and Experience. We must equip our teachers to cope with the future, and move to teaching as an all-graduate-level profession, and I fully support all the LLUK and others are doing towards this.

I have to remind myself – for example, when I was looking for a bricklayer – that shortages of part time teachers must not water down that aim.


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