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Goodbye, PowerPoint!

Maybe not the end of PowerPoint, but Prezi offers something the same, but very different [ and it’s FREE, folks]

I have produced some pretty dire PowerPoints in my time.

  • Far too many bullet points
  • sometimes with very odd bullets
  • and a relentless plodding on from A to B to C to D to E to F to G and back to D then on to H ….
    • and nested lists
      • getting smaller and more bunched up all the time
  • and all kinds of distracting pictures

    • and buttons   to press
      • which didn’t work

Prezi offers a white board  onto which you stick text, photos, videos, web links , whatever. You can then set a path for the presentation to click through, or you can take it as it comes, zooming in and out of the material.

Difficult to describe clearly, but much easier to see in action.

The site has some good examples which run on the net – and you can also download them.

Here is one I made and downloaded earlier.

I took as my material my blog on “How much are teachers paid?”

I made it into a Prezi, which is available on the web here

and I also downloaded it to a file – and that file is in my sidebar File Box.

So you can either access my Prezi on-line , on the web here , where you can play with it directly; then download it from that webpage and look at it offline

Or download the zip file from my File Box in the sidebar, and use it offline.

[If your network won’t let you download a zip file, let me know and I will email it to you]

I think it is a winner – and there are now FREE educational licences for the off-line editor.

My bet is that young people will like this type of non-linear presentation.


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