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Beware teachers called Callum or Chelsea

If HEFCE’s challenging financial settlement for HE next year is anything to go by, we will have to get very good indeed at picking students who are the best, most persistent, the least likely to drop out.

And of course there is a way of doing it easily – just look at their first name.

A survey of 3000 teachers came up with the student names to look out for

First the list of names of children  they would expect to find troublesome in class

Callum 1 Chelsea
Connor 2 Courtney
Jack 3 Chardonnay
Daniel 4 Aleisha
Brandon 5 Casey
Charlie 6 Crystal
Kyle 7 Jessica
Liam 8 Brooke
Jake 9 Demi
Brooklyn 10 Aisha

and then the list of children they expect to be bright

Alexander 1 Elisabeth
Adam 2 Charlotte
Christopher 3 Emma
Benjamin 4 Hannah
Edward 5 Rebecca
Matthew 6 Abigail
Daniel 7 Grace
James 8 Alice
Harry 9 Anna
William 10 Sophie

Of course, this is not a foolproof method of selecting students.

The various Rate Your Teacher web sites are certainly not foolproof  [example here is for Chelmsford College – average teacher rating 2.8, and other college and school ratings are on that particular site]

Students might be making assumptions based on superficial impressions,  should we Rate Our Teachers on a more rigorous basis, so that we don’t ?


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