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iPad SchmiPad!

Seb Schmoller has sent me his fortnightly email newsletter on e-learning for a few years now – but for some reason, I had never twigged that he was based in Sheffield – duh!

Anyway, his latest newsletter arrived as the iPad was being launched, and it showed something very much cheaper – the snappily titled  OLPC XO3 ebook reader .

If Apple is behind iPad, who is behind OLPC?

OLPC is   One Laptop Per Child , MIT’s Nicholas Negroponte’s non-profit effort for putting cheap educational laptops into the hands of developing world schoolchildren, and the Xo3 is the machine which OLPC intends will replace their current X0 machine in 2012 [neatly animated here, and showcased by the designers together with their other products]
Every child in Uruguay will soon have an XO, at a cost of $260, taking into account support costs.

And the target cost for the XO3 when it is available in 2012 will be $75.

The design mockups look good – I want one!

Meanwhile, the Home Access pilots in Suffolk being run by Becta have been successful, and the Government will now “support their aspiration to connect to a computer and broadband the estimated 1 million children who currently lack such access at home in England”  – heavily splashed recently eg here on-line with the memorable headline

Gordon Brown promises free laptops for the deserving poor

The undeserving poor can just go whistle

but also elsewhere, and more soberly

To get back to “my” ebook reader – it would seem that I can buy one [or more accurately one box containing 50 XO3s]  right now from the Shanghai Jentoon Technology Co, Shanghai.

Not that they are actually made in Shanghai – the XO3 is made in American Samoa , where Doonesbury’s Uncle Duke was once Lieutenant Governor , so it must be an OK place.

The spec is detailed and the reader looks great – anybody want to share a box of 50?


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