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The Glacial Age

Most people think of the coming Age of Austerity, but those cheery people in the Audit Commission prefer to prepare us for a Glacial Age.

The Audit Commission knows that “all public bodies face a difficult and testing future” , that after the election financial resources could fall sharply, and  for some the strains this imposes could be too intense.In their experience, problems with money can be a symbol of wider difficulties

So they look at what organisations can do to help themselves prepare for the Glacial Age.

from presentation on http://bit.ly/978T32

Their starting point is that budget cuts of 20% would put most Government departments back 4-5 years

For further education, the budget is shared for some reason between Children, Schools and Families; and Innvation Universities and Skills.

The Universities are already aware of their reduced funding settlement , and the further education Adult Funding has also been reduced.

For young people, the further education allocation fom Children, Schools and Families has still to be made.

Interestingly, an earlier Audit Commission report in July 2009 showed the – to me, surprising – increase in expenditure during the last ten years – up 56% for primary and secondary schools.

And on teachers?

“Expenditure data reflect these increases.

Between 1999/2000 and 2007/08, expenditure on teaching staff increased from £11.2 billion to
nearly £17.2 billion, a real terms increase of 25 per cent.

During the same period, expenditure on education support staff increased by more than 150
per cent in real terms,
from £1.2 billion to £3.7 billion”
Valuable Lessons; Improving economy and efficiency of workforce deployment [Page 52 #90]

A Glacial Age then, not an Age of Austerity.

But as the Audit Commission cheerily remind us –

innovation is driven by the need for efficiency so  “don’t let a good crisis go to waste”


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