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Ipsos Mori are due to produce the latest Learner Satisfaction Survey in spring 2010, based on learners’ experience of college 2009.

Learners in colleges don’t come into the sector as newbies – they have a lot of education experience behind them – and Ipsos Mori have already surveyed 2387 of them in 2008. 11-16 then, they are now 13-18, so their views will form the core of the 2009 college survey.

They were asked about the ways they prefer to learn, and what they do most often in class.

56% preferred to learn by doing practical things – though 65% listed copying from the board or a book as the thing they did most often in class.

53% said that talking to friends was one of their three preferred ways to learn – but 63% found themselves listening to a teacher talking for a long time

49% found that learning in groups was one of their best ways of learning – and 33% listed this as one of the three things they did most often in class [though only 20% often worked in small groups to solve problems]

So, young people only find themselves learning in a way that they prefer once the teacher shuts up and sits down.

Then? mismatch between what they wanted and what they got
Now? fingers crossed!


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