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Yackety Yack won’t come back

The Ipsos Mori report has useful insights into how NEETs think – which is

the consistent theme …  that they can’t think of anything useful they’re good at. This contrasts starkly with young people who underpin their aspirations with personality traits that suggest they will be able to make a positive success of them. Something positive about them has stood out to the adults in their lives, and this gives them the confidence to make firm plans about their future

“I want to be a youth worker .. they told me I was really good at taking charge of groups and stuff and I’d be really good at it
[college student]

“wherever you’re gonna work, your not gonna like it … who wants to go to work – no-one”
[current NEET age 18]

Teachers aren’t about themselves, they are about other people.

Teaching isn’t about how the students feel about me, it is about how  I can make them feel about themselves.


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Yackety Yack

Ipsos Mori are due to produce the latest Learner Satisfaction Survey in spring 2010, based on learners’ experience of college 2009.

Learners in colleges don’t come into the sector as newbies – they have a lot of education experience behind them – and Ipsos Mori have already surveyed 2387 of them in 2008. 11-16 then, they are now 13-18, so their views will form the core of the 2009 college survey.

They were asked about the ways they prefer to learn, and what they do most often in class.

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EMA cocks your snook?

I know what I think about EMAs but I wasn’t not sure what students think about them, so went to The Student Room where students say what they think, to find out.


An interesting mix of lofty learning eg Poor Law Amendment Act

“Can anyone tell me where I am perhaps going wrong, or recommend any websites or books for me to read?

Any other help would also be much appreciated.

Ill rep the most helpful and all that

If I could, I’d help out – so that I could get “repped and all that”

And there is much more like

“found boyfriend’s profile on a dating website”

and of course “Revision Notes” which would be helpful for eg Performing Arts students doing an assignment on , say, 19th Century Theatre

and what do students think about EMA?

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